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LogiWiFi designs, installs and configures wireless systems for clients of all sizes of businesses. Our systems utilise a powerful self linking multi-hop system that allows for large coverage, including in hard-to-reach areas. With our swift-deploy setup system, we can get your business wirelessly enabled in the shortest possible time.

The rapid expansion in the use of tablet and mobile computing, together with the greater expectations of range and speed, encouraged also by the rollout of Fibre Optic broadband, have placed unprecedented demand on Wi-Fi technology.
Whilst ISP speeds are growing, so are the numbers of mobile users with comparatively weak antennae built into their devices. This may explain, for example, why there are difficulties browsing with a tablet computer or mobile phone in areas which may otherwise work satisfactorily with a laptop.

What makes our technology different is that it has great flexibility in configuration & deployment options, and allows us to tailor our solutions to meet your precise business needs.


But I already have Wi-Fi

If you already have a wireless system, then the following questions would apply:

  Do you experience dropped or intermittent connections?
  Are you frustrated with the range limitations of your current Wireless setup?
  Do you experience any of the above issues only with smaller devices such as smart phones or tablets?
  Are you planning to install any other Wi-Fi devices further away from your current Wi-Fi
Access Point? This could include CCTV, sound systems or any fixed units which are Wi-Fi enabled.
  Would you desire coverage in areas which are currently not reached or reachable?
  Do you want to have separate public and private Wi-Fi systems, with the option of customisable
Vouchers in order to sell access to guests?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then we can help.


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